NCAA Basketball 2024 Rankings: Who’s On Top and Who’s on the Rise

With the start of the new NCAA basketball season fast approaching, fans and analysts are eagerly awaiting the release of the 2024 rankings. As the sport continues to grow in popularity, the competition amongst teams is fiercer than ever, with new contenders emerging each year. So, who’s on top and who’s on the rise in the world of NCAA basketball?

At the top of the rankings for the 2024 season are perennial powerhouses like Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Kansas. These teams have a long history of success in the NCAA tournament and regularly produce top-tier NBA talent. With talented rosters and experienced coaching staffs, these teams are always a force to be reckoned with.

However, there are also a number of teams on the rise in the NCAA basketball world. Programs like Gonzaga, Baylor, and Michigan have seen a recent surge in success and are now considered among the elite in college basketball. These teams have made deep runs in the NCAA tournament in recent years and have solidified themselves as serious contenders for the national championship.

One team that is particularly intriguing heading into the 2024 season is the Memphis Tigers. Led by head coach Penny Hardaway, the Tigers have assembled a talented roster of top recruits, including potential top NBA draft pick Emoni Bates. With a mix of youth and experience, Memphis is poised to make a run at the national championship.

Another team to keep an eye on is the UCLA Bruins. After a surprise Final Four run in the 2021 tournament, the Bruins have continued to build on that success and are now considered one of the top teams in the country. With a strong core of returning players and some key additions in the offseason, UCLA is primed for another deep tournament run.

Of course, there are always dark horse teams that could surprise everyone and make a run at the national championship. Teams like Houston, Illinois, and Texas Tech have all shown flashes of greatness in recent years and could be poised for a breakout season in 2024.

As the season gets underway, fans can expect plenty of exciting matchups and intense competition as teams battle it out for a shot at the national championship. With a mix of traditional powerhouses and up-and-coming programs, the NCAA basketball landscape is as competitive as ever. Stay tuned for the release of the 2024 rankings to see who’s on top and who’s on the rise in college basketball.

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