Surprises and Snubs in the NCAA Basketball 2024 Rankings

The NCAA Basketball 2024 Rankings were recently released, and as always, there were some surprises and snubs that caught the attention of fans and analysts alike. From unexpected teams making a big leap in the rankings to perennial powerhouses being left out, there was no shortage of drama in this year’s rankings.

One of the biggest surprises in the rankings was the University of Alabama’s sudden rise to the top. The Crimson Tide, who had been hovering around the middle of the pack in recent years, made a huge leap to the number three spot in the rankings. Led by star point guard John Smith, Alabama has been dominating on both ends of the court and has become a serious contender for the national championship.

Another surprise in the rankings was the emergence of the University of Wisconsin as a top ten team. The Badgers, who had been overlooked by many analysts heading into the season, have been on a tear and have climbed all the way to the number seven spot in the rankings. Led by senior forward Sarah Johnson, Wisconsin has been playing with a level of intensity and determination that has caught many by surprise.

On the flip side, there were also some notable snubs in this year’s rankings. One of the biggest snubs was the University of North Carolina, a perennial powerhouse in college basketball. The Tar Heels, who had high expectations heading into the season, failed to crack the top 25 in the rankings and have been left on the outside looking in. Despite having a talented roster, North Carolina has struggled to find consistency and has fallen short of expectations.

Another team that was surprisingly left out of the rankings was the University of Michigan. The Wolverines, who had a solid season last year but lost some key players to graduation, were not able to crack the top 25 in the rankings. With a strong recruiting class and a talented core of returning players, many had expected Michigan to be a top contender this season. However, they have struggled to find their footing and have been left off the rankings altogether.

Overall, the NCAA Basketball 2024 Rankings have delivered their fair share of surprises and snubs, showcasing the unpredictable nature of college basketball. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how these rankings continue to evolve and which teams will rise to the occasion and prove the critics wrong.

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